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Danny Rodriguez

I am committed to providing my clients with the guidance and consistent service needed in developing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive Medicare solution.

Do you have a question?  I'm here to help.

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How we will work together

I am here to help

As a licensed insurance agent with Lehigh Partners Senior Benefits, I work hard to:

  • Help you narrow down your options and pick the one best for you.
  • Medicare can be complex.  I will help you sort out the numerous plans, combinations, benefits, rules and exceptions.
  • To find the best coverage for your individual needs you might have to check with multiple insurance companies. I work with many insurance companies.  I can present you with plan options from different carriers, increasing your chances of finding the right fit.
  • I will offer you my services for free of charge or obligation.  I am a free resource to help navigate the Medicare Process.

In order to help you achieve your goals, we'll go through the following process:

Our first conversation will focus on getting to know you, hearing your story, answering your questions and understanding what your unique needs are.

After listening to your needs and goals, we begin looking at options that make sense and shape recommendations based upon your feedback.

Once we've set out together we'll get you enrolled and keep the conversation going and adust the course as necessary.


We’d love to help you navigate through the stresses of insurance and help make it an easy choice.  Here is what we can help with.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare supplement plans help with some or all of the out-of-pocket costs you're left with after Original Medicare pays it's share.

Medicare Advantage

Combines all the benefits of Original Medicare Parts A and B, and often include other benefits options.

Prescription Drug Plans

Covers the generic and brand name prescriptions that are listed on the plan's formulary list.

Dental Plans

Most seniors on Medicare need to purchase additional dental insurance. Original Medicare doesn’t cover routine dental care.

Vision Plans

Original Medicare doesn’t cover routine vision care. We have the plans to fit your vision needs.

Hospital Indemnity

Helps pay the high deductibles and co-pays left behind from Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans.