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Choosing the right plan is very important

Choosing the right plan is an essential piece to making sure you get coverage for the costs you incur on a regular basis.  After requesting contact from one of our agents we'll ask you a  handful of questions about your current situation. Based on your answers, you'll be provided with the best options for your unique case.

things to consider when buying medicare advantage


How we find the best Medicare Plan for you

Tell us about your needs.

Do you take any prescription medication or have doctors you'd prefer to see? Let us know so we can help find a plan that covers your needs.

Consider your prescriptions and health information.

We'll show you estimated prescription and medical cost for available Medicare Plans in your area.

Find your recommended plans.

We'll match you to the Medicare Advantage Plans that fit your unique needs to help you make an informed decision.

Enroll in a Plan

Once you are ready to enroll, we make it really easy! you can enroll right over the phone with the agent you've already been working with.

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What is Medicare Advantage?
A Medicare Advantage plan is a private Medicare insurance plan that you may join as an alternative way to get your Medicare benefits. When you do, Medicare pays the plan a fee every month to administer your Part A and B benefits.

You must continue to stay enrolled in both Medicare Part A and B while enrolled in your Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare pays the Medicare Advantage company on your behalf to take on your medical risk. This is how Medicare Advantage plans are funded.

You will present your Advantage plan ID card at the time of treatment. Your providers will bill the plan instead of Original Medicare. Again, this is also why some providers consider them Medicare replacement plans, but it’s important to remember that you can always return to Original Medicare during a future annual election period.