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October 13, 2023

Policies that protect your family and give you peace of mind

Sometimes being prepared for tomorrow helps you live better today. To ensure you do well by your loved ones now and in the future, Wellabe offers competitive whole life insurance for end-of-life costs, such as funeral or cremation expenses, medical bills, and anything else your family may need help with. It’s easy to qualify — even if you’ve never carried life insurance before or been turned down for a policy in the past.

Life Insurance

Secure peace of mind for your loved ones with Final Expense Insurance - ensuring that end-of-life costs are covered, so you can leave a lasting legacy.


HELP THEM BE SUPPORTED Relieve your loved ones of the financial burden of paying for final expenses. On average, a person leaves their family with $62,0001 of debt when they pass, a significant amount that is difficult to cover with Social Security’s lump sum $255 payment.

GET A CUSTOMIZED RATE Your health can positively affect your premium — the better your health, the better your rates.

BE COVERED NO MATTER WHAT If you’re between the ages of 40 and 80, regardless of your health, you will not be turned down. You can receive up to $25,000 in financial protection with no medical exam.

THE GREAT ASSURANCE® PLAN is an immediate benefit, first-day coverage plan for those in good health. It has two riders — Accelerated Death benefit (included at no extra cost) and Accidental Death benefit (optional).

THE GRADED BENEFIT PLAN is for those who have several health conditions. It pays out the benefit according to how long you’ve had the policy. The plan pays the full face amount if the death is accidental during the first two policy years.

THE GUARANTEED ASSURANCE PLAN is a guaranteed issue plan that requires no health screening. If your health limits you from qualifying from other plans, you can be covered by a Wellabe plan.

Customer resources

As a Wellabe policyholder, you gain access to an array of resources designed to maximize the benefits of your plan effortlessly. Enjoy the convenience of the Wellabe mobile app, customer portal, and dedicated Customer Success team, available to assist you through email or phone. With these tools at your disposal, managing and maximizing your plan becomes a seamless experience.

Let’s do more, worry less, and make every day better

For over 90 years, Wellabe has been dedicated to offering solutions that safeguard individuals' health and financial security. Demonstrating a commitment to care, they consistently uphold their shared values and prioritize doing the right thing. Their unwavering presence ensures that they continue to support people's well-being, empowering them to prepare for tomorrow and lead better lives today.

Contact: Lehigh Partners (833) 265-9655

call Lehigh Partners to find out more about obtaining a Wellabe quote for final expense insurance

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